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Since 1745

Antoine is the oldest cane and umbrella shop in Paris.

The Antoine store offers the widest choice of canes and umbrellas in Paris. Founded in 1745 and installed avenue de l’Opéra in Paris since 1885, In addition to exceptional canes and umbrellas, Antoine also offers many accessories such as hats, caps, fans, gloves and bow ties. Pushing the door of this store out of time is entering a world of elegance and class.

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Rooted in history

Présentoir à parapluie, noir et blanc, contre plongée

The beginnings of the umbrella in Paris

Mr. and Mrs. Antoine arrived in Paris in 1745 and first settled at the Pont-Neuf. They opened two shops, at each end of the bridge. At the time the sale of umbrellas in Paris, was reserved for gentlemen with carriers porters. Consequently, Mr. and Mrs. Antoine had the idea to rent umbrellas for the crossing of the Pont-Neuf. It was nice to walk there, all of Paris was there: Montesquieu, Rousseau, Voltaire. Fifteen years later, in 1760, Antoine left the Pont-Neuf and moved to the Palais-Royal district, more precisely to 26 de la galerie Montpensier, where they began to manufacture and sell canes. Very quickly, the Palais-Royal district became the favorite walk for Parisians.

Over time

For nearly 125 years, Antoine forged himself a high reputation in the manufacture and sale of canes and umbrellas. He also experienced 3 revolutions, a return to monarchy, and 2 empires. It was precisely during the Second Empire that Baron Haussmann drafted how today’s Paris now  looks. In these new luxury lanes, gas lighting, omnibuses and paved sidewalks were new and attractive features. The dimensions of these wide avenues allowed more space for the sun, necessitating the use of parasols…! Antoine had appreciated the quality and prestige of one of these new avenues,and opened a shop at n°10 avenue de l’Opéra.  Having  taken advantage of this opportunity  he consolidated his undisputed reputation in Cannes, Umbrellas, Umbrellas and Gloves.

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Antoine offers one of the widest choice of canes, fans and umbrellas in Paris



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The service

The Antoine service is above all a know-how passed on over three generations. This transmission has allowed us to acquire a unique expertise regarding the quality of the articles. Antoine’s team will be happy to assist you in your choices and advise you on the care of your canes, umbrellas, hats or fans. And to present you with some exceptional pieces.


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